We deeply regret to inform you that we will not be producing Shirley Valentine as a live, streaming production due to changes in licensing for live vs live streaming. Last year, publishing companies worked with an impossible situation and made allowances for live, streaming productions and now that the need for that is mostly over, contracts and licensing are reverting back to pre-pandemic regulations and standards. Currently Shirley Valentine is allowed live and in person only and at the time we were undergoing licensing with Concord Theatricals, the streaming portion of the contract seemed to still be applicable. We only found out about the re-regulated licensing when we paid the full royalties, which thankfully we will be able to get back. Kim had wanted to give you the Shirley Valentine of a lifetime and she and the team were well on their way to giving the UP audience a great show. Please keep us in your thoughts as the production team, Kim, and UP’s board, go back to the drawing board. One thing we have come to realize is that original material may be our best bet in the future.