“Unboxing” is a well-written play for an (almost) all-female cast that would be a great production for any theater in the nation. It carefully unfurls a story most women are acquainted with and have chosen various routes to cope with. In this me-too era, it brings home to commonality of that experience. 



UP opened their company’s first season on November 20-21, 2020 with Unboxing in Biloxi, by K.L. Sandstrom; a comedy…until it isn’t funny anymore. Set in Biloxi during a very important election year, Karen Hawkins, is a supportive stay-at-home wife, soon to be sixty, to a political operative in Senator Duggan’s reelection campaign. With only weeks to go before the important midterm election, the nation is riveted to the SCOTUS hearings for Judge Tuck McCollough. Alone during this time, Karen watches the hearings one morning and hears “something” that opens a locked box.  

Unboxing in Biloxi follows Karen and the womenfolk in her life over several days culminating in rollicking party scene presided over by the vivacious 80 year old Alice. Throughout several days, Karen has long awaited conversations with ghosts from her past.

Unboxing in Biloxi was first produced at College of Central Florida, February 2019 to amazing reviews. 


So, last night, I watched my first online play. I wasn’t sure what to expect, or how even, they would pull this off. Well, I’m here to tell you, they did a fantastic job. Shout out to both cast and crew for all the hard work you put into this play to make it happen. The story hit very close to home, and while sometimes hard to watch, Karen’s courage to say, “I’m not going to let you occupy my head any longer” is inspirational.

Cass T.

I just finished watching this play from this up and coming online theater production company, Unboxed Productions. If you haven’t seen it, you should! Kudos to the cast & crew, and co producers, Kim Lynette Sandstrom and Jan Thomas. Their next production may be a female version of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple. If you can’t make Unboxing in Biloxi, try to catch that one!.

Kat M.

****Bravo! Well done. Enjoyed the performance immensely. I hope your return to theater was rewarding! I had no idea what to expect of a performance on Zoom, but it was great. Felt very intimate.


Great production!! Very meaningful and enjoyable!

Kate Flanagan (inspiration for Debra)

Thank you for the opportunity to be with you on your opening night! It was fascinating to watch a live virtual play! it was a powerful story! Very well done!!! Loved it! 📷.

Lea Tran

Great job on your play! I really enjoyed the performances and was very impressed with it all. Thank you again for inviting me.

Jill Harth

Hi ladies, we watched the show last night and despite technical glitches and set-backs you got through it all and congratulations.
And thank you. I learned much from the experience I got from working with you in this not so easy and very new technology. My sincere best wishes to you!

Alix Elias

K. L. Sandstrom



Kim Lynette Sandstrom is from Goshen, Indiana. Mother of 6 wonderful children and grandmom to two granddaughters. Married to her Mancunian husband, Simon.

The author of Unboxing in Biloxi has founded 7 theater companies, directed more than a 1000 plays, is a TED speaker and coach and is a miniaturist.

 Watch her Ted talk:
The Truth about the Value of Theatre 


Jan Thomas



Jan is our dramaturg, co-producer and director of Unboxing in Biloxi. She led her high school theater geek squad nobly and she was K. L. Sandstom’s muse! They would joke that Jan would direct Kim one day, but one day came, AND Kim directed Jan, as our 2nd Alice in Unboxing in Biloxi, May 2019!

Jan hails from Indianapolis, by way of Goshen, Indiana and Butler U. Jan retired from the IRS, is widely traveled and has kept her hands in theater one way or another over the years. 

Jan Thomas and playwright Kim (Handgen) Sandstrom both went to Goshen High School where they competed together at speech meets and enjoyed the theatre program.

When Kim went to New York City, Jan went to Butler University in Indianapolis and returned to Goshen as the speech and theatre director where another Handgen, Kristine ( Moily), became a performing star. Jan later married and moved to Minneapolis and enjoyed working in the thriving community theatre there.



Trisha Blake

as Karen Hawkins


Trisha is well known to Washington County, just outside of Portland, Oregon, as a Mom, Grandmom and supporter of theater for many years.

Abby Bender

as Mallory Wilder,
Karen’s Only Child

Abby is a senior at Beloit College. She is very excited to be working with Unboxed Productions.

She is finishing up a Biology and Theatre performance major and she hopes to be able to go into after college. She is so excited to see where her involvement with unboxed productions will lead in the future.


As Senator Duggan
& Collins Carson


Senator Duggan is the incumbent senator from Mississippi and lead senator on the hearing for Judge Tuck McCullough. Karen’s husband, Mike Hawkins is running against him in the re-election campaign for the Senate

Aaron is also the voice of Collins Carson a Newscaster.

Aaron is truly honored to be cast in this important work. A veteran of Northwest Community Theatre both as an actor and director, Aaron is very thankful for the opportunity to work with Jan, Kim and the amazing creative team producing this compelling dramedy. Aaron hopes you and all of our patrons enjoy the show as much as the production team enjoys presenting it.

Kim Lynette Sandstrom

as Colonel
Barbara Dean Carter


Kim Lynette Sandstrom is from Goshen, Indiana. Mother of 6 wonderful children and grandmom to two granddaughters. Married to her Mancunian husband, Simon.

The author of Unboxing in Biloxi, has founded 7 theater companies, directed more than a 1000 plays, is a TED speaker and coach and is a miniaturist.

Wendy Harris Bax

as Debra Cohen,
KAren’s Counselor


Wendy joins the cast from her home in the great NW. Favorite past roles: Golde (Fiddler on the Roof), Vicki (The Full Monty), Lady Thiang (The King and I), Mistress Ford (Merry Wives of Windsor), Helen (The Holiday Broadcast of 1943), Sister Amnesia (Nunsensations and Nuncrackers) , Cassandra (Vanya, and Sonia and Masha and Spike), Sour Kangaroo (Seussical) and Director (You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown: The Broadway Musical).

Sandee Cnossen

as Luanne Rudy,
Karen’s high school friend


Sandee has been involved with all aspects of theatre for most of her life. She was a founding member of The Little Off the Square Theatre (L.O.S.T.) in McKinney, Texas, and has acted in and directed numerous plays. She has been married for 34 years and has 4 grown children and 3 grandchildren. She is currently helping to homeschool her first grade granddaughter. She lives in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Cam Kornman

As Alice Thomas,
KAren’s Mother

Alice is an energizer-bunny and has just opened another new business. She runs circles around her daughter Karen and granddaughter Mallory.

Dee Collier

as Carol Simpson,
Karen’s Friend

The effervescent Dee Collier returns for the FOURTH time as ditzy, loveable and loving, crazy eyeglass-wearing, Carol! Dee sent us this great head shot of her. Dee’s experience on stage is vast and she is also the creator of a series of one-woman interpretations of great women in history! Dee has performed at Ocala Civic Theater and has been involved in theater and ministries to young women and girls at her church in Ocala.

Jennifer Boomer

as Jan


After a 25-year hiatus from the stage, she returns as outspoken Jan born and raised in Biloxi, MS. A registered nurse by day hailing from CA, Jennifer is excited for the chance to bring levity to the show as the over the top Southern Conservative who loves being a “Lolly” as much as she loves America!

Teri J. Polansky Schwartz

As Alice’s Friend, Angie





Madison Holm

Production Manager


Deborah Terry



Unboxing in Biloxi will be available to be licensed by any LOT, Live Online Theater company for the next 12 months, for only $25 per performance with a purchase of 5 downloadable scripts with permission to print another 10 scripts.

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Please Contact us  and we can provide more details. If you are a theater company and want to purchase a perusal script with an interest in producing UIB, please let us know.

We would love to see Unboxing in Savannah, Unboxing in Chattanooga, Unboxing in Augusta. Also, look for some special announcements from some of your favorite Unboxers!