UP needs you!
First Annual “Celebrate Live Online Theatre” Fundraiser January 15, 2021


Unboxing Productions’ Live Online Theatre doors open at 6:30pm EST for an hour and a half of LIVE Entertainment from across the US. We have comedy, vocalists, and Martha Washington will stop by.

Your tickets also allow you to bid online in an online auction before Jan. 15th with the winners announced at the fundraiser as well as a raffle.

Supporting UP – Live Online Theater

Your help will enable us to expand our technical inventory and that means a better online product for you to watch. We also have royalties for our newest show, Tea for Three, Ladybird Johnson, Pat Nixon, and Betty Ford on the weekend of Feb. 19-21, 2021.

When you donate to Unboxed Productions you are donating to the future of live theatre. Help us continue to bring you theatre when so many other stages are closed. Live Online Theatre will continue to bring theatre to many beyond our present days. It is part of our future as well.

So join us! Show your support and enjoy an evening of live entertainment.